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Warren Tailgate and Conveyor Spreaders

Specializing in equipment needed for ice control, agricultural, cross conveyors, tailgate, and (GS) gravity paving.

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  Warren AC-1820 Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor Spreader
Warren GS 84 & 87 Gravity Feed Tailgate Spreaders
Warren AC-620A Hydraulic Tailgate Spreader
Warren AC-1410A Utility Hopper Spreader for Light Duty Trucks
Warren AC-1820 Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor Spreader
The Warren AC-1820 Cross Conveyor is a hydraulic tailgate cross conveyor and is mounted to the rear of the dump truck body, below the floor level and beneath the tailgate. During the maintenance operations it permits the dumping of materials to the left or right without interfering with the operation of the tailgate.

The conveyor is capable of being controlled by the truck hydraulic system to vary the amount of material being conveyed to the roadway surface.

Overall width: 103, Length: 43, Height: 27. Discharge right or left.
  AC-1820 Conveyor Specifications
Body ASTM-A570 Hi-Tensile 7 gauge front and rear panels integral with the sills.
1/4" ASTM-A572 endplates
Capacity 200 T.P.H. Minimum
Overall Width 103"
Length 43"
Height 27"
Discharge Right or Left
Belt Conveyor 18" belt with chain D667X, 96" wide riveted, with 3/8" x 1-1/4" crossbar, H.D. Hot Asphalt type to withstand heat of 350 degrees fahrenheit. Reversible with hydraulic hoses. Discharge gates are rack and pinion, left and right sides. Feedgate openings16-1/4" x 13" minimum. Six tooth drive and idler sprockets flame cut steel plate, keyed and timed 1-1/2" shafts. 1/4" wiper belting seals off front and rear end panels to conveyor.
Mounting Pin mount type using four pins for quick disconnect
Paint Body is cleaned with hi-pressure hot phosphate cleaner, one coat of primer sealer and finish painted with lead free enamel.
Optional Attachments Spinner attachment for spreading
Hydraulic components:
    - Hydraulic Reservoir and Filter
- Hydraulic Quick Coupler
- Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings on Truck and Spreader
- Hydraulic Control Valve
- Hydraulic Pump thru Shaft Type
Warren GS 84 & 87 Gravity Feed Tailgate Spreaders

Gravity Feed Tailgate Spreaders
Warren Model GS:
A gravity feed tailgate type spreader designed to mount on standard dump bodies in place of the tailgate. By elevating the dump body the aggregate is delivered to an adjustable feedgate for application rate control spreading
Spreader Construction:
The segmented feedgate is separated into eight one-foot wide sections so that spread width can be adjusted in one-foot increments. Each gate is connected to the Master Operating Rod by a removable chained pin.
An Operators Platform is provided with safety tread and guard rail. Platform is set at an angle for approximate horizontal position when dump body is elevated.
Modifications to fit dump bodies with tailgate heights of 38", 44", or 50".
  GS 84 & 87 Gravity Feed Spreader Specifications
Model Dump Body Inside Width Overall Width Overall Height Weight
700 lbs
715 lbs
Warren AC-620A Hydraulic Tailgate Spreader
AC-620A Hydraulic Tailgate Spreader:
Designed for mounting on a standard dump body in such a manner that when not in use, material may be dumped over or under the tailgate. This Hydraulic Tailgate Spreader is for use with abrasives and/or chemicals for ice and dust control.

Unit does not have to be removed in order to use truck for regular hauling jobs because material may be dumped with tailgate hinged at the top or bottom.

  AC-620A Design Features and Spreader Specifications
Body Construction:
  The auger trough is formed of 5/16" (7 gauge) steel with 1/4" steel plate end panels. The cover panel is 5/16" (7 gauge) steel and is easily positioned in the vertical or horizontal position. Trough design permits easy cleaning or removal of lodged oversize material. Mounting to dump body is by quick attaching pins. Standard paint is Omaha Orange.
  A 6' overall diameter full pitch bi-directional auger with 3/8" helicoid flighting conveys material to discharge port. Discharge end has double flighting for more even delivery of material to spinner. Flighting is welded to 2" H.D. pipe with 1-1/4" diameter idler shaft. Auger is mounted in flange type ball bearings with a thrust collar at one end. Direct drive motor located at right curb end of auger, directly coupled to auger pipe.
Distributor Spinner Assembly
  A single 18" diameter spinner with 6 replaceable formed fins has integral hub that mounts directly to hydraulic spinner motor shaft. Motor mounted to formed channel that is hinged to auger trough and incorporates spinner position adjustment to the right or left for spread pattern control. A self leveling bracket and rod are provided to keep spinner level at different dump elevation angles.
  - Hydraulic Pump - for Trans PTO Drive
- Hydraulic Pump - for C/S V-belt Drive
- Hydraulic Pump - for Direct C/S Drive
- Hydraulic Reservoir and Filter
- Hydraulic Hoses and Fitting Kits on Truck and Spreader
- Hydraulic Control Valve
- Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Couplings
- Baffle-curved type
- Windrow Chute
- Dual 4-1/2" Augers
- 5:1 Reduction Gearbox Auger Drive
- Type 304 Stainless Steel
- Polyurethane Spinner
- Special Paint Colors
- Twin Spinner on AC-602A-2 model
Warren AC-1410A Utility Hopper Spreader for Light Duty Trucks
AC-1410A Utility Hopper Spreader for Light Duty Trucks
Spreader for use on Light Duty Trucks to spread abrasives and/or chemicals for ice and dust control.
The Warren AC-1410A Spreader is a completely self contained unit designed for mounting on pick-up, light duty dump and flat trucks.
Powered by an air cooled engine with full cab controls