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Modern Ag 10' Offset Flex Predator Cutter Specifications
Cutting Width 124"
Transport Width 96"
Overall Width 140"
Overall Length 180"
Cutting Height 2" - 15"
Blade Overlap 6"
Wing Lift Hydraulics Standard
Wing Flex 90" Up / 22" Down
Jackstand Standard
Hitch Swivel Clevis
Blade Carrier Pan Stump Jumpers
Horsepower Required (Minimum) 50 hp to 75 hp
Gearbox Rating:* Main Gearbox or Divider Box 255 hp.
Outboard Gearbox or Center & Wings 210 hp.
Output Shaft Diameter 2-3/8"
Blade Tip Speed -
Main or Center 540 15,016 fpm
Outboard 540 15,016 fpm
Driveline Size Main Cat. 5 Constant Velocity
Outboard or Center and Wings Cat 4 w/ Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness 3/16" - 7 gauge +
Side Skirt 1/4" x  8"
Replaceable Skid Shoes Standard
Safety Chains Standard (Front & Rear)
Safety Deflectors NA
Weight (Approx.) 4900 lbs.
Galvanized Deck & Frame** Standard
Standard Tires - Options are available Laminated 600 x 9
Dual Wing Wheels Option
Hydraulic Level Lift Option
Deck Rings to Protect Deck Standard
DOUBLE DIAMOND Limited Warranty Yes (Red)
*Gearbox ratings based on field performance
**The Galvanized gloss level could vary from unit to unit