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  For unsurpassed durability, the Limb Saw extension arm is made from heavy-duty square tubing that is double-walled at the cutting end. While most chainsaw bars are laminated, the Limb Saw chain bar is made from a single piece of hardened alloy steel, and is laser cut for precision. Kickback is not an issue with the Limb Saw because each saw is equipped with an aggressive chain that utilizes each and every tooth for maximum cutting power.
lf you have ever paid to have a tree trimmed by a professional, you know how costly it can be. The Limb Saw pays for itself in no time and will save you thousands of dollars in the long-run. Stop wasting money paying someone else to trim your trees. Get a Limb Saw and start saving today.
  Mounts directly to front end loader of your tractor, skid loader or backhoe and is easily attached by one person

5,000 RPMs means incredible cutting power

Quieter, safer and easier to use than hand held chainsaws

Reversible motor helps back the saw out of a pinch

Equipped with a self-oiling system

Easy-access, built-in chain tensioning system

Trims limbs up to 8 feet higher than your loader can reach

Limb Saw